Geologist, Wellsite

PTTEP Services Limited

Job Purpose

Geologist, Wellsite monitors and coordinates well geological operations (namely mud & wireline logging, onsite gas analysis) to be carried out as per programs and technical requirements. He follows up and control quality/validity of acquired data; recommends sampling points and testing/logging intervals; performs quick look for oil and gas show in mud & rock cutting/ sample to preliminary evaluate formation being drilled, be able to do stratigraphical correlations and be able to pick lithological markers for formation tops and casing shoe allocation. He/She coordinates and prepares daily geological/logging reports according to Company procedures, onsite monitors well geological contractors to conform to contracts and SSHE Management, manages packing and distribution of rock sample/core to third parties (partners, lab contractors), assists team in formation evaluation and contributes to the preparation of final well reports.

Key Accountabilities

  • Monitor and coordinate well geological operations and onsite gas analysis to be conducted in respect of well objective, technical requirement, SSHE procedures, terms and conditions in contracts

- Follow up, coordinate, and control well data acquisition and onsite gas analysis to be carried out as per set programs, SSHE standard and technical requirements. 
- Control casing allocation and coring points as well as testing/logging intervals to be done according to set program 
- Follow up and QC quality/reliability of acquired logs and testing results. Accept or reject testing results/acquired data if quality does not match technical requirements/standards.
- Perform duties such as geological drilling monitoring and maintaining constant watch over well manifestation (pore pressure) while program is carried out for safety and to avoid drilling hazards. 
- Preliminary evaluate and perform quick look interpretation of rock cutting, evaluate HC show in mud and cutting sample; and preliminary correlate lithology & fluid type with prognosis to have better understanding of formation and potential reservoir be-ing drilled.
- Perform and supervise onsite analysis, such onsite Geochem, gas/oil/fluid, XRD/XRF… 
- Preliminary assess and compare well results against prognosis and keep asset team informed of any variations so that asset team can properly adjust programs to be compatible with changing situations.   

  • Prepare, collect and compile well geological reports according to Asset’s requirements 

- Prepare daily geological reports and log results as per Company procedures: various logs, formation evaluation reports, etc.
- Review, check and verify daily reports/ testing results produced by contractors prior to submitting to office, e.g. mud logging re-ports, gas analysis reports, etc.

  • Administer related contracts and orders (mud logs, wireline logs, onsite gas analysis). Check and verify job acquisition sheets as well as oversee service contractors to conform to agreements and work standards.

- Check and review contractors’ work (man-hour/ quality and unit of work) according to service agreement. Approve/ sign job ac-quisition sheets to confirm that specific jobs are adequately and satisfactorily performed and that costs are correctly charged as per agreement.
- Provide operational feedback concerning contractors’ performance to his supervisor for best selection of contractors for next campaigns.

  • Monitor and control the collection of rock sampling/cutting/coring to be complied with technical requirements. Ensure appropri-ate packing and sending of cores/rock sample to concerned parties as per Company procedures

- Monitor the collection of rock/cutting/core/and fluid sample as per well objective and technical programs.
- Coordinate and ensure appropriate packing and distribution of sample/ cores/ cutting to DMF, Partners, and laboratory accord-ing to Company procedures.  
- Coordinate and follow up with Operations Geologist for necessary transportation and custom formality arrangements.

  • Assist asset team in formation evaluation and preparing final well reports 

- Assist in quick look interpretation in terms of lithology, fluid types, pressure and temperature data, etc.  
- Assist in preparing well geological data to be integrated in final well report. 
- May assist his senior colleagues in study and compile pressure data and temperature data to predict trends of pressure/ temperature regime.

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Geology, Geophysics or related field 
• At least 5/10 years of experiences in petroleum geology 
• Familiar with Geosciences software and system
• Proven ability to build strong working relationship with internal and external parties 
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Good command of both written and spoken English 

Additional Desirable Qualification

CORE Competencies