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Senior Engineer, Well Engineering

PTTEP Energy Development Company Limited

Job Purpose

Senior Engineer, Well Engineering oversees planning, designing, monitoring, and evaluating well operations performance of company’s assets to improve safety, efficiency, and cost of the well operation activities. The job holder is required to develop documents such as standards, procedures, guidelines, instructions, or programs for well operation efficiency improvement. He/she performs special studies on specific well engineering topics relating to well design, well operation, reservoir, and production optimization. The work scopes also extend to monitoring of the well integrity and to analyzing the end of well/end of campaign reports to capture lessons learned and best practices for sharing among the group. The jobholder is also responsible for analyzing well engineering data from the existing database to identify data deficiency or opportunity for improvement, and to gain useful insights for management’s decisions. The jobholder contacts various levels of technical staff, operational staff, management, and service companies to provide advice, instructions and technical support as necessary. 

Key Accountabilities

  • Perform well operational performance analysis of company’s assets and reports the insights, deficiencies, gaps, or opportunities for improvement to management,
  • Develop new well operational performance tools or metrics (if necessary) for effective well performance monitoring,
  • Regularly attend weekly or monthly meetings with well operation teams to follow up the work plans and operational progress,
  • Liaise and coordinate with related departments e.g. well operation, subsurface, reservoir or production to obtain necessary information, and to ensure synergy of well performance optimization with stakeholders,
  • Follow up and monitor well optimization programs to be carried out by well operation teams and provide technical support during activities if required,
  • Visit the company’s operating sites at onshore or offshore occasionally to ensure performance optimization programs are effectively implemented in accordance with the company’s regulations and standards,
  • Prepare work programs and budgets relating to well performance optimization programs and activities for each asset,

Key Accountabilities (Cont.)

  • Analyse, review, and conduct well engineering studies for well optimization/improvement programs, and develop related documents in line with international standards, guidelines and company’s regulations,
  • Identify deficiencies or gaps (if any) and establish necessary documents required for safe and effective operating of the existing or the newly acquired operating assets,
  • Identify technical gaps in term of operating philosophies, standards, procedures, or practices between newly acquired assets and company’s ones, and establish bridging documents,
  • Propose necessary work programs and required budgets to regain well integrity of the downgraded wells or to maximize the productivity of the existing wells and assets,
  • Develop well performance database by extracting well information and critical operation statistics from existing well engineering database to develop visualized dashboard for ease of monitoring and making decision,
  • Maintain up-to-date of the well performance database for quick retrieval of the critical information to management or related parties as and when required,
  • Self-development and keep abreast of technical knowledge with the latest industry trends.
  • Performs special studies on specific well engineering topics relating to well design, well operation, reservoir, and production optimization
  • Provide consultation, coach, mentor to develop junior staff’s competencies

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Petroleum, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical) or equivalent
  • More than 12 years’ experience in drilling and well engineering with at least 3 years of field operations experience
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a team lead in any drilling or well engineering projects
  • Having broad knowledge in related disciplines such as subsurface, reservoir, drilling, well engineering, facility, production and able to effectively communicate with other disciplines
  • Good understanding in well engineering database system such as WellView® (or equivalent software) and its infrastructure,
  • Good computer literacy (e.g. MS Office)
  • Good command of both written and spoken English (TOEIC 750)