Officer, Procurement Support

PTTEP Services Limited

Job Purpose

Officer, Procurement Support is responsible for End to End process of contract & procurement supply chain by  facilitating, advising, and supporting users along the procurement and contracts process which consists of sourcing strategy, vendor list, reference price, evaluation criteria, tender / negotiation process, contracts awarding and signing until the contracts is closed out.

Key Accountabilities

•    Communicate with users to consolidate requirements into Master Procurement Plan
•    Review and analyze users’ requirements in order to provide the best fit sourcing strategy and propose qualified vendors to match with users’ requirements
•    Perform as a single point of contact for both contractors and users to facilitate the procurement process and ensure its compliance
•    Support users in reviewing PO, invoices, or related documents
•    Ensure tender evaluation criteria is reasonable and fair to all bidders
•    Support and advise users in preparing the procurement proposal to Procurement Committee and contract documents when the proposal is approved
•    Facilitate tender/negotiation process, including to negotiate contract’s terms with contractors to ensure the contracts gives adequate protection to Company legal position and conforms to Company legal requirement
•    Provide support during formulation of the contracting negotiation and clarification of contract’s terms, give recommendations on contractual exceptions/deviations from contractors, and draft the final contracts
•    Keep update on procurement and contracts matters, commercial terms and conditions, and market information in order to protect and optimize Company’s interes

Job End Results

•    Master Procurement Plan 
•    Proposal on best fit sourcing strategy and qualified vendors
•    Single point of contact for both contractors and users to ensure the compliance with company’s procurement procedure
•    Support on reference price matters
•    Reasonable and fair tender evaluation criteria
•    Support and advise on procurement proposal and contract documents
•    Tender/negotiation process facilitation
•    Contracts formulation, clarification of contract terms, recommendations on contractual exceptions/deviations, and final contracts
•    Contracts management, initial alleviation or dissolution on procurement contracts dispute before arbitration or court litigation process
•    Close out report and contractor’s performance evaluation
•    Updated procurement and contracts matters, commercial terms and conditions, and market information

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Commercial, law or related technical fields
  • At least 10 years’ experience in procurement and contracts or related functions
  • Good knowledge in oil and gas industry, commercial, insurance and legal
  • Good command of written and spoken English with TOEIC score higher than 750

Additional Desirable Qualifications

  • Communication and negotiation skill

Work Location

Bangkok - Resident