Engineer, Materials and Corrosion

PTTEP Energy Development Company Limited

Job Purpose

Engineer, Materials and Corrosion provides materials and corrosion control solutions to maintenance and inspection function on design, failure or damage of materials on operations sites. The job includes new projects (construction projects, decommissioning) studies and recommendations as well as related R&D to support facility engineering department direction.

Key Accountabilities

  • Provides subject matter technical assistance to multi-discipline teams in matters regarding material selection, protective coatings, cathodic protection, corrosion inhibitors & biocides, corrosion data management and testing procedures for the prevention and control of corrosion.
  • Participate in Project Peer Review (PPR) in materials and corrosion discipline.
  • Originate and carry out engineering studies to resolve material/corrosion-related issues and improve/prolong integrity of asset facilities and pipelines.
  • Corrosion risk evaluation and severity assessment using appropriate international codes and standards and corrosion simulation models.
  • Fully understand COMPANY and international codes and standards related to materials and corrosion and be able to select the appropriate codes and standards for specific cases.
  • Possess the capacity to choose the appropriate corrosion simulation model for particular scenarios and interpret the generated outcomes effectively.
  • Capable of applying field inspection data to validate the outcomes simulated by corrosion models.
  • Design, review, and approve corrosion control strategies covering corrosion mitigation and monitoring programs.
  • Recommend, support, or manage specialist services as necessary (e,g. Microbiological surveys, failure investigations, etc).
  • Conduct material selection studies tailored to a specific case in terms of integrity assurance and fit for purpose (cost optimization).
  • Be able to select proper type of coating system based on PEGS standards.
  • Develop chemical treatment program with performance review and optimization.
  • Support operation team for failure investigation and analysis and provide remedial actions.

Key Accountabilities (Continued)

  • Review and approve cathodic protection (CP) design.
  • Develop, revisit, and optimize PEGS standards.
  • Evaluate, support, or introduce best practices, new technologies, and digital transformation for corrosion prevention, asset facilities life extension, and cost optimization based on fit for purpose objective.
  • Report and analyze key performance indices (KPI).
  • Review and evaluate the capabilities of vendors and contractors to determine their acceptability for AML.
  • Establish, review, or approve test procedures and criteria/requirements in order to validate material selection or corrosion mitigation solutions.
  • Perform cost analysis and value engineering studies as appropriate.
  • Preparing plans and budgets for corrosion studies.
  • Participate in internal and external professional activities including conference and committee work where it is consistent with the development and delivery of COMPANY goals.
  • Technical papers submission regarding engineering research and initiatives.
  • Act as a professional mentor to new and junior engineers.
  • Conduct in-house basic corrosion training for relevant departments.

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

  • A Bachelor's degree in an Engineering field, with a preference for Metallurgy or Materials Science, while Chemical or Mechanical Engineering is also considered as a secondary option.
  • Experiences in materials selection and corrosion, reliability or inspection in oil & gas fields or refinery industries for at least 5 years.
  • Proficient in English communication, both verbally and in writing.
  • Good in following soft skills; self-learning, self-discipline, can-do attitude, analytical thinking, strategic thinking, time management, collaboration and communication.