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Engineer, Digital Engineering Solutions and Technical Data Management Support

PTTEP Services Limited

Key Accountabilities

  • Be focal point and accountable person to cater engineering digital solutions in each of key focus areas.
  • Provide implementation of engineering digital services through a range of digital methodologies, solutions.
  • Develop standard, guideline leveraging from engineering data best practice e.g. CFIHOS ..etc..
  • Analyze as-is and to-be engineering processes and further define system / technology / business requirements.
  • Capture and translate of business requirements to digitally enabled solutions.
  • Ensure engineering data in specific focus areas are managed in concept of single source of truth, accepted in term of quality and controlled under appropriate user roles.

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

  • Bachelor’s or higher in Mechanic, Instrumental, Electrical or other engineering related field.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience involving in Engineering, Construction, Maintenance or Operation, preferably in the oil and gas or a similar industry.
  • Understand overall typical engineering & construction development processes, basic understanding of asset life cycle.
  • Possess data and information skill or be in the position of using, managing & controlling data.
  • Having experience of key user roles involving in software / application development, understand how business requirements are translated to software requirements.
  • Understand IT basic knowledge e.g. UI/UX design, Application Programming Interface, Database...etc.
  • Having interest to learn in new digital solutions or technologies.