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Data Science Officer

PTTEP Services Limited
Key Accountabilities

- Interact with the business divisions to understand all data requirements and translates them into data structures and data model requirements to IT

- Define criteria for monitoring integrity of data modelling during projects

- Drive data modelling and testing during projects

- Carry out quality assurance of analytics tools & methods used in projects

- Apply strong expertise in machine-learning,กata mining, and information retrieval to design, prototype, and build the next­ generation analytics

- Develop best practices for analytics (models, standards, tools)

- Track impact of analytics on business

- Work with senior IT and Business leaders providing technica l guidance related to data architecture, data models and meta data management

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

- 5+ years experience in a statistical and/or data science role

- Expertise in advanced analytica l techniques such as descriptive statistical modelling and algorithms, machine learning algorithms,optimization, data visualization, pattern recognition, cluster analysis andsegmentation analysis

Additional Desirable Qualification

- MS in computer science,statistics,or operations research or related technical discipline

- Exper ience using analytical tools and languages such as Python, R, SAS, Java,C++, C#, Matlab, SPSS IBM, Tableau, Qlikview, Rapid Miner,Apache , Pig, Spotfire, Micro S, SAP HANA, Oracle, or SOL-like languages

- Exper ience working with large data sets, simulation/optimization and distributed computing tools (e.g., Map/Reduce, Hadoop, Hive, Spark,...)

- Knowledge of industry and ability to translate business needs into data

-  Experience using open source libraries