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Coordinator, Strategy and Planning Support

PTTEP Services Limited


Work Location :  Bangkok

Status : Resident

Job Purpose

Coordinator, Strategy and Planning Support facilitates Domestic Production Asset Group (PDD) & GoT (Gulf of Thailand) Assets in key areas being Strategic planning & Initiative study, Portfolio & Performance Monitoring and GoT Synergy.

The job holder studies, analyses and initiates value creation, optimization and performance monitoring/improvement through acquired business risks, technology, market and trends to support Function Group’s short-term and long-term targets.

Key Accountabilities (1)

  • Study and access overall Thailand power development plan included gas demand/supply & implication to Asset, economic, business risk, technological, petroleum industry trends that effect PTTEP sales volumes & portfolio to identify future trends and propose sales/production strategy for PDD FG to Corporate Strategic Direction (DPR) and further Assets target allocation
  • Create, analyze and consolidate asset strategies and directions, annual 5-year WPB, KPIs and MPR (Monthly Performance Review) for PDD FG/Div./Dept. enduring production target, 5-year WPB, FLDP, and business development plans with each production asset all aligned
  • Initiate the work plan to enhance the focused Div./Dept. KPIs and to ensure alignment of their KPIs to FG and Corporate strategic direction (DPR)
  • Manage, optimize and drive GoT synergy/shared resources through integrated planning and geomatics operations  
  • Integrate knowledge across various disciplines to align future business needs

Key Accountabilities (2)

  • Create value through the strategic asset management & initiatives to support PDD FG and Assets Planning & Operation for sales and revenue increase, cost optimization, and work process efficiency improvement. Key projects include
    • Insight Thailand Energy Market Update
    • Persuasion Plan of Opportunistic Sales Capture to PTT to achieve the sales above base target
    • KPI Performance Dashboard for Data Visualization Project for PDD and all assets
    • PSC Assets Net Sales & Cost Recovery Maximization Study and Implementation for sales & revenue improvement
    • Others as necessary and suit with business context

Key Accountabilities (3)

  • Be a focal point for risk management, SD implementation, KRI monitoring and review, business compliance, and business continuity management for PDD FG
  • Be a focal point of ED corporate budget management (PDD is the budget holder)

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related fields
  • 8 – 12 years of experiences in
    • Surface Facilities, operation and development philosophy, cost estimation
    • Commercial and economic
    • Subsurface understanding, accounting understanding

CORE Competencies