Analyst, Financial Risk Management

PTT Exploration and Production PCL.

Key Accountabilities:

Analyst, Financial Risk Management is responsible for analysing and identifying company’s financial risk exposure, executing financial risk management strategies through the appropriate financial instruments under the financial risk management policies and in compliance with related laws and regulations and managing the financial risk exposures of PTTEP and its subsidiaries in order to minimize the impact on Company’s financial performance.
•    Analyse financial risk exposure of the company and identify risk that exceed company tolerance limit and need to be managed.
•    Explore financial risk management tools in the market, or work with financial institutions to develop suitable hedging strategies/customized hedging program or products to mitigate company’s risk exposure.
•    Execute hedging strategies in order to manage transaction risk by using appropriate financial instruments under the financial risk management policies and in compliance with related laws and regulations
•    Monitor, evaluate and forecast the hedging results and impacts on the company’s financial statements 
•    Monitor and update credit limit for financial transactions/hedging activities with each financial institution 
•    Coordinate with related parties in order to get documents required to execute hedging transaction such as ISDA and BOT approval
•    Process the settlement for hedging transactions and day-to-day operations, maintain those transactions in SAP (TRCM Module), and perform account closing as well as necessary adjustments in SAP (TRCM Module) to ensure that all financial transactions are recorded correctly and in timely manner 
•    Monitor financial markets and conduct research to assess financial risk and its impacts on Company’s financial performance
•    Study and keep update on the related rules and regulations e.g. Bank of Thailand and prepare the letters for approval (if required) for any transactions as well as evaluate/develop new hedging tools available in the market that can improve company’s hedging program.
•    Study the new related accounting standard which related to financial instruments e.g. IAS 39, IFRS 9 and work closely with accounting department to ensure the compilation of accounting treatment e.g., applying hedge accounting when appropriate
•    Liaise internally, and if necessary any external stakeholders, about financial risk management activities

Professional Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Business, Finance, Accounting or Economics
  • Basic knowledge of accounting and tax
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English
  • Fair negotiation and presentation skill
  • Strong computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Operational performance - attention to detail and accuracy, providing consistent, timely and high quality works
  • Accountability & Productivity - capable of planning and organizing the work in timely manner, responsible for the work and be prepared to take over new responsibilities and projects
  • Collaboration and communication - be able to work as a team and under time constraint environment

Work Location