Analyst, Debt and Capital Market

PTT Exploration and Production PCL.

Key Accountabilities:

•    Monitor capital markets and assess the impact to Company's existing capital structure, funding strategy and cost of capital;
•    Explore, Plan, and Execute funding activities i.e. Bank loan, bonds issuance, equity issuance, project finance to ensure fund availability for the company’s investment plan and its growth target;
•    Ensure financial covenants, interest payments, debt redemptions, financial fees and other financing obligations are all satisfied, and never breached;
•    Identify and maintain appropriate capital structures for PTTEP and its subsidiaries/affiliates, and ensure that they are in compliance with all rules and regulations, including tax compliance, as well as the company’s financial risk management policies;
•    Manage long term intra-company funding (both equity and debt) in timely manner and comply with external regulatory (i.e. company laws, FX control, and tax law) and internal policy requirements to ensure sufficient funding to support PTTEP’s subsidiaries /affiliates operations;
•    Analyze financial projections, market expectations, understand funding requirements and sources of funds, and support proposal for PTTEP’s dividend payments;
•    Maintain good rapport with all stakeholders, i.e. financial institutions.

Professional Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Accounting, Finance or Economics
  • Professional or Personal experience in Debt and Equity markets and project finance preferred
  • Good command of written and spoken English (TOEIC=750 at minimum)
  • Knowledge of Bloomberg/Reuters is an advantage
  • Strong computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Excellent analytical and logical deduction skills
  • Organized, Accountable, and Responsible - capable of planning, organizing, and prioritizing work in order to commit and deliver high quality work in a timely manner
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork Mind-set: able to collaborate and work as a team and under time constraints for overall success of team

Work Location