Accountant, Thai PSC Asset Support

PTTEP Services Limited

Key Accountabilities

•    Act as a one-stop service for all accounting transactions for Asset
•    Coordinate, support, and provide information to related parties regarding financial and accounting issues
•    Ensure recording, classifying, analyzing, summarizing, allocating, evaluating and controlling of costs under asset’s AFE, approved work programs & budgets are well-managed and accurate
•    Perform cash call packages for partners and cash projections for cash management
•    Perform fixed asset transactions eg. capitalized costs, decommissioning, retirements / write-offs, changes in participating interests
•    Conduct period-end account closing eg. Project cost allocation, accruals, provisions, inventories, depreciations, revaluations, partner nettings, project settlements for Asset 
•    Perform PSC revenue allocation, profit split and cost recovery under the PSC agreement
•    Prepare timely issuance of reports as required under the PSC agreement
•    Prepare and analyze PP&Es, Statement of Expenditure (SOE), Statement of Account (SOA), CAPEX details and provide to related parties
•    Prepare and analyze reports on Asset financial results, budget spending, and performance
•    Consolidate, analyze, verify key deviations from estimated budget frameworks and from past records, and discuss with Asset Planner to adjust or justify deviations
•    Provide information to support company performance reviews, financial statements, management decisions and analysis (MD&A) and audits on monthly, quarterly and/or yearly basis
•    Advise and support Asset and related parties on work programs and budgets including participating in JV, financial/accounting sub-committee meetings, TCMs and MCMs

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

•    Bachelor’s degree or higher in Accounting 
•    Minimum 5-6 years’ working experience as a project or cost accountant or in a relevant field 
•    Good command of written and spoken English
•    Strong analytical, communication, computer, and presentation skills

Work Location

Bangkok - Resident