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(Senior) Officer, Land Transportation Support

PTTEP Services Limited

Job Purpose

Officer, Land Transportation is responsible for PTTEP Land Transportation. The jobholder develop policy, standard, procedure, guideline, and safety case; as well as ensure implementation in assets. The jobholder is also periodically perform quality assurance check by coordinating with logistics functions in each asset. He or she also study and propose for changes in PTTEP land transportation management in order to increase optimization.

Key Accountabilities

Policy, standard, procedure, and guideline

  • Gather and study current PTTEP land transportation (Rail, Heavy and Light Fleet) practices in all sites in order to develop PTTEP land transportation’s policy, standard, procedure, and guideline
  • Develop implementation plan in order to deploy PTTEP land transportation’s policy, standard, procedure, and guideline across PTTEP, including in international assets
  • Collaborate with logistics function at each site to implement PTTEP land transportation’s
  • Oversee land transportation execution of each site to identify gap and make improvement to ensure executions are align with corporate guideline
  • Ensure all land transportation activities are complied with PTTEP’s  policy, standard, procedure, and guideline
  • Provide consultation to execution function in assets regarding land transportation

Key Accountabilities (Cont')

  • Awareness and understanding the global trends and frameworks of Road Safety and Sustainable Development (SD): the decade of UN Global Road Safety, ISO 39001:2012 specifies requirements for a road traffic safety (RTS), ADR 2011: European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and The Regulation Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID).

Safety case

  • Coordinate with corporate SSHE function in order to develop and roll out corporate safety case of land transportation to all land transport operating functions
  • Monitor and report the land transportation operations gap and improvement made by the assets or functions implemented safety case
  • Serve as a focal point of land transportation in case of investigation or accident in coordinating with Corporate SSHE and SSHE and Logistics function in asset
  • Promoting safe work activities via newsletter and campaign posters.

Key Accountabilities (Cont')

Quality Assurance Check

  • Develop quality assurance check criteria and plan in order to assure that land transportation quality is maintained
  • Perform quality assurance check to prevent accident caused by land transportation and to ensure efficiency and optimization
  • Ensure the work practices aligned with PTT group: OpEx and VCM 


  • Study and analyze the usage of land transportation in order to optimize PTTEP’s land transportation
  • Awareness the future mobility trends and impacts for further increasing the Land Transport Safety and achieve sustainable mobility.

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

  • Bachelor Degree in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, or related fields
  • Min  5   years  experience related to  Land transport safety  
  • Solid knowledge of Land Transport Department rules and regulations of Transport Safety Manager (TSM). Required by Law.
  • Basic knowledge in oil and gas industry is preferable

Work Location

Bangkok - Resident