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(Senior) Engineer, SSHE Support

PTTEP Services Limited

Job Purpose

(Senior) Engineer, SSHE Support is responsible for ensuring all SSHE hazards are identified, and risks are assessed, managed and verified with the ALARP concept within Well Operations function. The jobholder provides expertise, advice and support to divisions on loss prevention and Operation safety approach including development of procedures, Instruction, techniques, proper usage of tools/software to identify hazards and manage the risks to ALARP. The jobholder also conducts SSHE studies, analysis and provides recommendations to operational sites.

Key Accountabilities

  • Develop and maintain standards, procedures, philosophy, guidelines and best practice related to loss prevention engineering
  • Provide consultation and apply PTTEP loss prevention process throughout operations under Well Operations functions
  • Support SSHE statistics & analysis and way forward in Division SSHE and routine SSHE meeting
  • Supervise and review the summary of SSHE statistics and key performance report by monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Supervise, advice and monitor for Safety Observation & Communication Card (SOC) and Hazards report Card (HRC) analysis and improvement
  • Analyse the SSHE statistics trend, underlying cause and casual factor using IOGP and other as reference
  • Serve as a focal point for SSHE annual work plan and risk assessment and support Step Change toward SSHE excellence
  • Facilitate, review, and provide advice on specific safety studies regarding loss prevention for Drilling and Well Engineering Operations

Key Accountabilities (Cont.)

  • Assist in performing compliance audits, verification and track until completion of SSHE findings/ recommendations/ actions (MOC, Safety barriers, PTRs/OTRs, Contractor management)
  • Use appropriate software and tools for safety analysis, calculation and design aids
  • Investigate Total Recordable Injury, Loss time injury and high potential incident / accident, and provide advice on preventive measures and remedial actions to ensure all actions are taken properly
  • Initiate program / campaign to promote SSHE Culture, SWA, safety awareness, Safe work practice and prevent major accident in operations
  • Support, advise and review for SSHE Bridging Document
  • Produce, organize, and coordinate the production of loss prevention database and reports

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or SSHE related fields
  • Good understanding of oil and gas exploration and production process.
  • Minimum of 10-year experience of oil and gas industry and 5-year experience in safety related field
  • Experience in compilation and administration of Safety Management systems
  • Knowledge of industry codes, standards, legislation on SSHE and SSHE Culture


Additional Desirable Qualifications:

  • Leadership, analytical skills and communication skills
  • Good command of spoken and written English