(Senior) Analyst, Finance (M&A)

PTT Exploration and Production PCL.

Key Accountabilities

  • Serve as an active finance strategic partner to support business development by providing decision-based financial advice on Mergers and Acquisitions, including Divestments in the following areas (M&A focal point)
    1. Review all M&A documents related to Finance areas, including but not limited to Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA), Shareholder Agreement (SA), Joint Operating Agreement (JOA), Farm Out Agreement (FOA), Joint Bidding Study Agreement (JBSA), and Concession or Production Sharing Contract (PSC)
    2. Perform Finance Due Diligence, report findings and provide mitigation actions to Business Development team and Management.
    3. Support Business Development team in negotiating financial-related matters, terms, clauses in respective agreements, with external parties for the benefits of company (e.g. buyer/seller, external advisors)
    4. Determine and provide appropriate discount rates for M&A transactions e.g. WACC for investment hurdle rates, rate used in Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
    5. Coordinate with economics teams to verify financial aspects of valuation models e.g. FX input/risk, funding structure

Key Accountabilities (Cont')

  • f. Assess Counterparty Risk of relevant parties related to M&A transactions e.g. buyer/seller/partner.
    Coordinate with respective finance sections/departments to support M&A transactions and act as a finance focal point for post-deal integrations
  • Monitor financial results/forecasts of Beyond E&P by coordinating with subsidiaries’ finance teams and report to management (quarterly review)
  • Provide company’s WACC and other discount rates as requested from other functions e.g. decommissioning rate
  • Develop and monitor Counterparty Risk on Financial Institutions, set up the policy and criteria for assigning the credit limit to each counterparty as well as keeping it updated to ensure that current exposure is under the assigned credit limit (Middle Office)

Key Accountabilities (Cont')

  • Keep update and provide Standard financial terms, definitions, and conditions e.gDefault rates, Currency Conversion on various contracts requested by other function groups e.g.Joint Operating Agreement (JOA)
  • Serve as Finance focal point of regulations, policies, standards, procedures and guideline for Finance and Accounting Function Group (GFNA)
  • Monitor of the FX risk management transactions alignment with policy (Middle Office)

Professional Knowledge & Experiences

  • Master’s degree with at least 5-year experience in finance
  • Proficient in English
  • Have experience in project finance/ be a part of M&A team in power/ renewables/ energy related industry
  • Great analytical skills, great communication and interpersonal skill

Work Location